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Ilya Eliseev’s CV

Personal Data

Ilya Eliseev
27.08.1976, Moscow, USSR
Moscow, Russia
Russian Federation
MEPhI, Russian Federation, 1999, Masters Degree
Practical Data Analysis and Machine Learning, Higher School of Economics, Russian Federation, 2017, 190 hrs
Russian (native), English (fluent)
Software Engineer: System Analyst, Data Scientist, Full-stack Web Developer (HTML5/jQuery/(PHP|Python)/MySQL)
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I’m interested to work in the following areas:

  • Machine Learning and AI: image recognition, NLP, GAN
  • Data-driven solutions like classification, scoring and prediction apps
  • IT solutions for logistics and transportation

Job Experience

Jan 2012 — nowadays
Individual Entrepreneur, Consultant, System Developer, Lecturer


System analysis & specification, full-stack development, technical and user documentation, user support, system administration, sales, conusulting.
Computer science educational courses design and delivery.


  • About 20 small-to-mid size systems were developed and implemented, with full set of documentation for various customers
  • 6 websites open (small-to-medium load): 4 WordPress themes, 1 Jekyll site (see Portfolio section)
  • 4 homegrown libraries are opensourced and popular enough in the Internet (see GitHub)
  • Successful code refactoring from IE6-compatible to HTML5-compatible code for feasible business applications
  • Database performance optimization (MySQL with >100tables with >100M records)
  • Educational courses “Python for Beginners” and “Data Analysis with Python” designed by myself and provided with “A” marks and positive feedback.

Jun 2008 — Oct 2011
Yusen Logistics Rus – Logistics and transportation
IT manager


  • IT management for 8 offices, 100 users, 2 subordinates,
  • 1 global IT support subcontaractor,
  • 4 information systems developed and implemented,
  • various EDI interfaces implemented (customs, shipping lines, etc),
  • 2 new sites openings, 2 office relocations.

Jan 2005 — Jun 2008
A.P. Moeller/Maersk – container shipping, logistics
System developer

April 2002 — December 2004
ARL Consulting B.V., Moscow — information technologies
Lead Developer

Jun 2001 — Dec 2002
Extra-M LLC – press
Web development team leader

May 2000 — Apr 2001
Arcadia.Ru LLC – e-commerce portal
Web development team leader

Jan 1998 — Apr 2000
JSC Teleross (Golden Telecom), GlasNet – ISP


THE EXPERT at the following:

Full-Stack web development:

  • Back-end development with PHP 5+ (Object-oriented and procedural approach);
  • Back-end development with Python using Flask;
  • Blog platforms: WordPress, Jekyll;
  • MySQL 5 – SQL queries development (incl. routines like views, functions, procedures, etc), DB optimization at large volumes;
  • HTML5 – semantic layout with CSS3 and LESS/SASS;
  • JavaScript: vanilla JS, jQuery, jQueryUI, Bootstrap + HTML5 extensions (FileAPI, Storage, Canvas, etc).

Code refactoring from IE6 standards to HTML5 and from PHP4/ASP to PHP5+.

Business process de-excelization (business process shift from Excel to an information system).

Tech writing of user, developer and administrative system documentation in Russian and English.

Data exchange interface development with REST, SOAP, EDIFACT и др.

Developer team organization with Git, Bugzilla, using Kanban/Scrum and other organizational approaches.

Dev/ops: docker, docker-compose (Mac, Lunux, Windows).

System administration of Debian GNU/Ubuntu Linux -based servers (nginx/php/mariadb, nginx/uwsgi/flask/python/pandas|mariadb, nginx/docker).

Client cooperation organization: agreement composition with various addendum like SLA, NDA, etc. Project planning with lean development approach. Enterprise and project budgeting.

Educational course design and production, according to given brief.

EXPERIENCED with the following:

Data analysis:

  • Data analysis with Python (numpy, pandas), with matplotlib/seaborn visualization
  • Supervised Machine Learning with various models (SVM, Random Forest, XGBoost), optimization with GridSearchCV
  • Non-supervised machine learning with PCM, kNN, T-SNE
  • Map/Reduce with Apache Spark
  • Deep Learning (TensorFlow, Keras) in image recognition/NLP/GAN

Subject areas:

  • logistics and transportation,
  • document flow apps (corporate doc flow: invoices, bills, requests, purchase orders, etc),
  • e-commerce (internet shops, e-tickets, online payment interfaces).
  • Sports


  • modern client-side frameworks (BackboneJS, AngularJS)
  • PHP Yii framework
  • nosql databases (mongoDB)
  • Microsoft AD-based systems and LDAP (Windows)
  • SEO-optimization, social media interfaces (including API)
  • user scripts (ex-GreaseMonkey scripts) for client automation
  • some exotic data exchange interfaces (screenscraping from text terminals with IBM PComm ActiveX, site-scraping).

Also I had experience working as IT manager at small-to-medium scale enterprise with 100-300 users. My duties were the following:
– supplier management (h/w, networking, communications, etc)
– IT department and outsource workers job organization
– IT budgeting
– KPI, policies etc implementation according to MOF/ITIL basics.

I follow principles of “lean development” methodology in my job and always try to apply iterative approach in project management.

I’m always taking seriously any of my commitments.

I’m practicing “win-win” principle building customer-supplier relationships.

I have hobby in sports (cycling, skiing, fitness), I like photo and travel.


My sites:

  • – this site, I’ve made front-end and back-end (custom WordPress theme)
  • RUSSYSDEV: Projects – the site with documentation to my open source projects. I’ve made front-end and back-end with Jekyll. Also I’ve developed a library that extracts PHPDoc and JSDoc inline documentation blocks from the source files – docblock2web

My GitHub projects:

  • eiseXLSX – Excel spreadsheet files handling PHP library. Project home:
  • eiseMail – Send/receive e-mail PHP library. Project home:
  • docblock2web – Python library that extracts inline documentation from PHP and JS source files, according to PHPDocs and JSDocs standards.
  • eiseIntra – PHP framework for database web applications or administrative back-ends. Includes tools for creation of tables, forms, lists, includes code generator and also MySQL administration tool.

Web sites and web apps with common access:


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